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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...My Thoughts

So, before I go to bed after running off of 100% pure Potter enthusiasm and 3 hours of sleep today I'm going to highlight some of my favorite bits of the most recent Harry Potter film installment in a nice, little LJ entry.

- Three words: Laugh out loud. My jaw dropped so many times as waves of laughter overcame my body and I needed an outlet. The skin bit between Ron and Harry? Perfection. Cormac Mclaggen and the ice cream? KILLED ME. Harry on Felix Felicis? My abs were shaking.
- DANIEL RADCLIFFE. If being naked on stage with a horse is what took you to bring out this arsenal of amazing acting skills then every actor needs to be naked on stage with a horse. Daniel Radcliffe, you are my new favorite person in the entire world. The converse and flannel t-shirt only confirmed this. Most of the awesome that the film embodies is a direct product of Daniel's Radcliffe's dead-on portrayal of a sixteen year old Harry.
- Hermione and Harry friendship development. I loved it how Hermione liking Ron and Harry liking Ginny became a secret between the two of them. Also, since when could you (for real) cry, Emma Watson? You had me moping like a Taylor Swift song with that heartbroken angst. For the first time Hermione seemed dorky and self-conscious and like a real teenage girl.
- Horace Slughorn and the story of the lily pad. You know you almost cried too.
- The new and improved Tom Riddle. If he does a romantic comedy I will LOL myself to death because dude, the guy gave me chills, like, "Are you sure he's not just acting?"

Parents should be warned that even though the movie is PG the film is VERY mature. Unlike all of the other Harry Potter films this one is more cerebral because evil has no definite face like Umbridge or a snake. The conflict is definitely more complex than saving the day and Harry winning the dream girl. There's a lot of grey area, especially involving Mr. Malfoy and Snape. Even the humor is more mature because it's focused around the quirks and nuances of teenage behavior and courtship. 

My only complaint is the 10% that kept the film from being 100% perfection. Half of that percentage belongs to Ginny and Bonnie Wright's portrayal and the other goes to the ending, which I hope is simply a teaser for the beginning of the seventh film and not the definite ending. Dumbledore's funeral needs to be included somehow because in the book it allowed Harry to properly grieve over Dumbledore's death and come to a full realization of his responsibility over his destiny. Dumbledore's death needed a bigger punch, which I trust David Yates with fully deliver in the next two films. Bonnie Wright needs to stop speaking so breathy-sexy and get boobs. Also, a personality transplant would help. The Room of Requirement scene was not cute. Just weird and awkward. 
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