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Here at the End of David Tennant (I am Weeping)

I am grateful RTD has left Doctor Who because he has broken my heart so many damn times that I don't know if I could handle another one of his episodes. Look at this amazing preview though. I have hopes for Who land this spring. David will always have a special place in my heart, but I think I'll make room for Matt Smith too eventually.

Thoughts on DT's departure and the handling of this below in the form of "The End of Time" Parts I and II:
- The "Master Race" was not funny, RTD. No laughs on my part. It was not an LOL just a WTF?
- RTD sucking up to Obama, really? 
- The Woman is Donna Noble (I hope so at least) I think that would just be perfect.
- Wilfred Mott as the companion was brilliant. Well done, RTD, on that front. My favorite scenes were with Ten and Mott.
- RTD totally got me on the "four knocks" thing and when I realized what was happening the tears started flowing. It was so sweet and so Ten. So perfectly Ten. Ten  was all about saving the "insignificant", which is why "Waters of Mars" was so devastating. It's almost like he had to atone for saving Brookes by dying for Mott.
- I loved the theme of immortality/dying and how the main characters dealt with that (The Time Lords, the Master) It paralleled nicely with Ten's own crisis.
- Ten saying goodbye to all of his friends individually was sweet. I loved Rose's especially.
- I wish there was more Ten in the episode. I felt like RTD spent too much time on the Master and the Time Lords, when Ten was the most important part of the episodes. He still feels very...unfinished. 
- It killed me that Ten regenerated by himself. I just about died when the yellow stuff was blaring out of his face and he shouts "I don't want to go!" but it was appropriate at the same time. Ten was always alone at the end of the day. It was his curse. His companions always broke his heart because they could never stay. Ten started out witty and fun but progressively grew darker until he piqued in "Waters of Mars". He went through an exodus from light to darkness progressively throughout his life. The final step into darkness being his death. But now the Tardis is burning and Matt Smith is all jolly so we're back in the light again! Everything is anew and Moffat has taken over! Yay. I'm both excited and depressed. It's bittersweet - Sad and bitter, but with a hint of something sweet and good. 
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