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In Which Rachel Waxes Romantic

Note: I was going to include Amy and Ephram but I ran out of time to make their banner!

10. Landon and Jamie (A Walk to Remember) 


This couple is my one concession to good ol' Sparks, who I'm convinced ovulates. Jamie and Landon are just so sweet. I just want to gush and cry and draw hearts alll over their heads.

9.  Sawyer and Juliet (Lost)


Awww. My heart breaks for this tragic couple. I loved Saywer with Juliet because she allowed him to grow into an unlikely but lovable hero (Goodbye, Jack!) Dramatically, this romance created some of the best moments on the show.   

8. Jesse and Celine (Before Sunrise and Before Sunset


I loved watching this couple's relationship blossom and grow through two epic conversations in Europe. The romance was organic and sophisticated in this very beautiful but subtle way that didn't leave me easily after watching.

7. Eric and Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights)


I love this couple because they're so normal. They worry about  mundane things like affording a new house, their daughter's secret tattoo and who gets to stay up with the new baby. The romance never feels forced - when it happens in the TV show it comes effortlessly in this really sweet and unexpected way.  

6. Peeta and Katniss (The Hunger Games trilogy)


In The Hunger Games I pictured Katniss like Kirsten Stewart and Peeta as a sandy-haired Zac Efron so hence the unlikely celebrity duo in this picture. I love Katniss and Peeta because they complement each other so well! Peeta's warmth helps defrost Katniss's cold disposition and Katniss's strength inspires Peeta to be a better man. Once Katniss realizes her love for Peeta in the last book I may squee to my deathbed.

5. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth (Pride & Prejudice)


What's not to love about this romantic duo of Jane Austen's masterpiece? Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are like chocolate chip cookies to romantics - Sweet and simple. The brilliance of Pride & Prejudice though is in Jane Austen's use of simple ingrediants to create a romance so unique and beautiful that it can never be totally replicated.

4. Ben and Felicity (Felicity)


My heart just turns to goo in front of these two. I love how Ben and Felicity always find away around the obstacles in their relationship and come away loving each other even more. They are just awkwardly adorable and I love it.

3. Ron and Hermione (The Harry Potter series)


 I love how Ron and Hemione come to love each other for their individual differences and strengths. I also love how Hermione chooses Ron for his good heart rather than his intellectual capabilities because it is very telling of her character - that she would choose somebody supposedly "lesser than her." It just proves where Hermione's priorities are and what she values most. Additionally, I love how Ron admires Hermione and just adores everything about her, quirks and all.

2. Lloyd and Diane (Say Anthing


This is my favorite high school romance. I love how they fall in love, why they fall in love and how they stay in love. It's so romantic yet simple. The love is all in the details. 

1. Henry and Clare (The Time Traveler's Wife)


Can words sufficiently describe my love for this couple? Probably not, but I'll try. Henry and Clare struggle and struggle and struggle and their love always keeps them afloat through the trials and tribulations of his time traveling. Henry and Clare's love is so deep and intimate that it unltimately destroys them both because they can't live without each other. Henry and Clare are not perfect people and this is not a perfect romance, which is perhaps why this romance means so much to me. As weird as it sounds, I love this couple because they're just regular people, who happen to deal with an irregular problem. Their marriage teaches them what it means to love and the process is so beautiful and honest that it takes my breath away everytime. 

Damn, I'm a sap.
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