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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I Review

This Harry Potter midnight movie was a different experience. My Potter pals are miles away from me. My grandpa Clayton was kind enough to take me to a small, local theater in Bountiful, Utah. It was a low-key event compared to my other Harry Potter midnight experiences, but it was still a wonderful evening. I had an elaborate outfit. I designed a very detailed t-shirt that took me two and a half hours to complete with fabric markers. I painted my nails red and yellow on alternating fingers to represent my house, Gryffindor. I had these huge Harry Potter glasses that covered most of my fave with an accompanying red Sharpie-d scar on my forever. My aunt Laurie was kind enough to inscripe HP 7 across my cheeks using my Clinique eyeliner. I had a wand that I bought from a British specialty store in downtown Salt Lake. My converse bore a newly Sharpie-d in "Ron and Hermione." I wore large, red heart-shaped earrings and equally red lipstick. To complete the look I wore my Snape "good" pin from a Pottercast event I went to before Deathly Hallows was released on July, 21, 2007. My grandpa treated me to dinner at this very cozy British cafe. I could have lived there. We had steak and onion pie, and then I had a cup of loose-leaf tea and my grandpa, a cup of Cadbury hot chocolate. For desert we ate bread pudding. It tasted like a trip to England. Like I said, at the specialty shop next door I picked up my own wooden wand (It looks like Hermione's) and a box of Allsorts. The British lady at the counter recognized my outfit and gave me a free mini Deathly Hallows poster, my favorite actually, of all the other posters. We complained about American worstershire sauce together. We went to the theater at 9:04 and were close to the theater entance. I wasn't surprised. Most of the die hards went to the Gateway Megaplex. Still, there was that energy, the bond, the excitement that I love about the line culture of the Harry Potter movies. My grandpa went to go pick up a blanket and earphones for watching Half-Blood Prince on my laptop so I was alone for a long time. There were these obnoxious girls next to me. Cheerleaders, with their mom. They said, "I love Harry Potter and Twilight.  They're different. One's magical and the other's a love story," and I felt like turning my head and saying, "Yeah, an abusive anti-woman love story," but I kept my peace. I hate being around Harry Potter fans that don't get it. What Harry Potter's really about. When my grandpa came back we watched Half-Blood Prince until they told us we could enter the theater. I got my perfect seats - middle of the third row. I ran into some Moscow friends - The Page girls and Amy - and that was really fun. For the rest of the wait in the movie I watched Half-Blood Prince and played Would you Rather? Harry Potter edition with my grandpa. And then it began. Are you ready? Spoilers undercut.

The film was absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. This is the first Harry Potter film where I could feel the intense love the trio has for another in this very tangible and real way. They became real. The relationship between Ron and Hermione was portrayed with so much love and gentleness, that I didn't think  was possible to portray. It was incredibly, sweetly romantic. Their romantic relationship didn't feel as forced as it did in the other films, it grew naturally from the performances. Dan, Rupe and Emma gave their best perfomances to date, but I think Rupert, as Emma said, particularly delivered an amazing, dynamic performance. They were the characters I loved in the book. Brought to life. This is the first Harry Potter film that felt real in a very raw and powerful way, which really  illuminated the story .There was very little of the whimsical gimmick and, "I love magic" moments of the previous films. Instead of the Wizarding World being a wonderful place to escape to with flying golden snitches, chocolate frogs and portraits that move - it became a nightmare. The editing and camera work was beautiful. The scene of Belletrix torturing Hermione was shot in this very intimate and horrific manner, that was ultimately really moving. The detail of the mudblood inscription on her arm was a terrible, but perfect touch. Evil in this film is depicted in this very sadistic, disturbing way that is genuinely horrific. That sculpture of the muggles holding up the wizards and the pamplets against muggles looked exactly like Soviet art. Very scary, stuff.  I loved the camera focus on the character's eyes, it not only intensified the emotional drama, but helped forge a rich connection between the characters and the audience in a way that was unprecedented in the other films.

Favorite Moments: Harry going back to the cupboard and picking up the tin soldiers, Hermione leaving her home, Hermione running up to a Harry-looking Ron and the "always the tone of surprise" moment, George and Fred's "saint-like" moment, Ron in awe at Hermione all dressed-up at the wedding, Hermione being angry at herself because they forgot to celebrate Harry's birthday, Hermione teaching Ron how to play the piano, the radio montage of listening to all the people who have died, the Ministry of Magic break in and Ron being so sweet to Mrs. Cattermole, Ron getting splinched and Hermione taking care of him, Hermione figuring out that Godric's sword could destroy horcruxes and her interaction with Harry, Harry dancing with Hermione, Harry and Hermione's return to Godric's Hollow and finding Lily and Jame's graves, Hermione talking about Dean's Forest and camping there as a child, Ron trying so hard to win Hermione back after he returns, Ron and Harry talking in the tent and the flame exploding in the jar, Ron saying "To hell with that" and running to save Hermione, Hermione running into Ron's arms when the chandelier falls, Dobby's death and funeral (very moving), Hermione in Ron's arms while Harry parts down Dobby's grave...so many more.
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