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Before the Curtain Closes

Today is June 1st. I have 10 days (not including today) until my finals are over and 21 days until I arrive at the Salt Lake City airport in Utah. I cannot believe that Russia Part II is almost over. This year has been like the The Two Towers in that it has served no other purpose than to be a middle piece - a conduit from the beginning to the end. Sure, there was some awesome bits (Hello! Helm's Deep!) but in the grand scheme of things it will be a blur and the only thing distinguishable will be the moment I arrived in the smokey and hot Sheremetavo airport in Russia Part I and the moment when I leave with an AAS diploma in my hand in Russia Part III. Unfortunately there will be no epic battle sequence involving dirty men, swords and rainfall at the end but I'm ok with that. I have America instead! You know it's bad when the only thing I can think about apart from my History and Biology exams are New York H's with cheese fries and breathing in the clean plastic smell that America embodies. This summer is going to super fun from the Half-Blood Prince midnight premiere with Chelsea, Girl Scout camp, California with the G-rents to Utah visits from friends it's going be nonstop fun from beginning to end.

Tonight I'm going to go listen to Presdient Uchtdorf and Elder Anderson from the the church presidency and quroum of the twelve. I'm really exicted, I love listening to general authorities! Whenever they come and visit they always have really profound and helpful talks that help steer my life in the right direction. I'll be a nice boost of spiritual energy to get me through the next two weeks.

SAT on Saturday. Woo! Standarize testing is my activity of choice! Let's hope that between studying for finals and the SAT on Saturday that I'll still have sufficient brain power to successfully complete my exams!
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