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Rachel 's Best of 2009!

11. Sephora by OPI Nail Polish

 Sephora + OPI = The best marriage of 2009. The colors are rich and fun. The texture is smooth and the brush allows perfect polish distribution.

10. 17 Again 

11 words: Zac Efron as a thirty-something year old man in flannel. What more could you ask for? 

9. "You Belong With Me" Music Video by Taylor Swift
Whatever Kanye. This music video strummed the guitar of my teen girl soul and left me gushing like a good romantic comedy.  

8. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 

Dan Rad made this movie. Most of the awesome that this film embodies is a direct product of Daniel's Radcliffe's dead-on portrayal of a sixteen year old Harry.  

7. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins 

My favorite book of 2009 and the sequel to the brilliant, The Hunger Games. Katniss slams Bella's heroine tush to the ground in this perfect mish-mash of romance, political drama and adventure. Can anyone say August 2010 for the final enstallment? (Peeta and Katniss forever!) 

6. 'Waters of Mars" on Doctor Who 

Out of the three Doctor Who specials to have aired thus far  "Waters of Mars" outshone the other ones. It was dark, poignant and absolutely breathtaking. The last ten minutes of the episode left me with my mouth wide open. This episode shows the Doctor like we've never seen him before.  

5. Friday Night Lights season three 

Friday Night Lights season three was a perfect season if we scratch out the Cash stuff in the middle. 

4. The Time Traveler's Wife 

A near perfect adaptation of my favorite book of all time. Really, the only thing I wanted from this movie was for it to remind me again of why I love this untraditional romance so much and it did that. Mission accomplished. Plus, Eric Bana = A very sexy  but sweet time traveling librarian.  

3. Star Trek  

J.J Abrams and crew's revamp of the Star Trek franchise entertained from beginning to end. Quinto and Pine were the cherry on top of this already amazing movie.  

2. Glee 

This TV show is fizzy, irresistable fun with a very clever and sophisticated edge to keep it from being High School Musical kitsch. It's like a ray of sunshine in our television boxes. Thanks Ryan Murphy for turning on the light.  

1. Fringe

The creative depth of this show never ceases to amaze me. With Fringe the possibilites are limitless. And Joshua Jackson, I love you. Let's just get that in the open. 

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